Weeding set

It's time to show pictures to the newlyweds!

Orders are pouring in, you take a lot of pictures and already wondering how to present them. Check out the possible product combinations in our offer that can become your ..(standard)... set.

Photo Album, Photo calendar, set

Why every photographer should have a photo calendar in their offer.

We would like to announce Photo Calendar season as officially open! Each day we print the lot and looking at thousands of pictures and projects. How photographers use our calendars? We'll unveil the mistery.

Christmas session blog

Christmas Sessions - new trend in children photography?

In the era of personalized gifts, more and more customers are ordering Christmas sessions for children and newborns, because it's a great surprise for grandparents and keepsake for the parents and of course for the kids. From these images the photographer does not only prints, but also can make a calendars and Christmas cards.

We'll talk today with White Coffee Photo to find out how they can shape the trends for this Christmas session.